Thursday, April 18, 2013

Settling In

Well, I have not posted in about 2 months, which happens to be how old Kassidie is. She had her two month appointment this week and was off the charts for height (25") and at about the 85th percentile on weight (13lbs 4oz).

Other than baby rearing there is not a whole lot else going on around here. My training is going as planned, which is not impressive but again, as planned so that is something.

All squats have been at 180K, starting at 3x3 and adding a set each week until I get to 5x3, take a down week, then 3x4 up to 5x4, down week, then 3x5 up to 5x5. Same deal with Bench, just at 140K. I am currently on the first week of the sets of 5. Deads are done in the Clean DL style, keeping the weight pretty light and really working technique. I have set things up for total body each day, and am also working on my Snatch and Clean. Not pushing weight on those either, more interested in cleaning up my technique.

OK. Well, that is it... oh wait, I forgot, I am going to Chicago at the end of May to see The Rolling Fucking Stones.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finally something happened!!

That something is that my daughter was born on Wednesday the 13th of February at 10:14 am. She made her glorious entrance into the world, after putting Maggie through 64 hours of labor, via cesarean. Pictures you ask? No. The wife and I have decided that the Internet is too fucked up of a place to just throw pictures of our daughter up on this easily accessible blog for some slack jawed yokel to ogle (and who knows what else) at.

Things have been relatively good and we have been getting a good bit of sleep all things considered (and by we, I mean me). Little Miss is already up above birth weight and doing quite well. Maggie is getting better and I am sure will be back running up the San Diego Mountains in no time.

My lifts were meh this week. I hit everything (as I should) but it was all harder than I would have liked.

  • Monday - Snatch + OH Squat complex up to 85K x 2, Squat 180K 3x3
  • Tuesday - Aridyne x 20 min, Abs & Shit
  • Wednesday - Bench 140K 3x3, Squat 140K 6x4
  • Thursday - Airdyne x 20 min, Abs & Shit
  • Friday - Clean + FS up to 110K 2x2, Deads up to 230K x 1, 2, 2, 3, 1, 1
  • Saturday - Put together a grill and bought a ladder
  • Sunday - Spent ~1hr in the "yard" doing "yard work"

That is all that has happened. I will just add that I think I may be joining the world of the iPad user, despite my general disdain for apple products, so that I may face time with my wife and child when I am away. BALLS.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Nothing Exciting To Say... Yet

I have nothing to post right now that is of any importance. I have been training, lifting 3 days a week and riding the Airdyne 3 days a week. My Olympic style lifts are awful, my power lifts are better but still awful (although, I feel like I am finally getting comfortable with the high bar style of squatting). I did have a workout today that left me feeling pretty good however. Not because I did anything impressive or special, just everything felt good and I did everything I had planned with no issues. I think it is pretty pathetic when I bench 140K for 3x3 and feel like that was a successful bench workout, but hey it is what it is. Like I said, awful.

No baby yet, but we are only 5 days over so no big deal really. Funny story, Farrell says to me that she must take after me because she doesn't think it is worth the calories to come out yet. I asked the doctor today if being late is genetic (I was two weeks late), and sure enough it is. Maggie later does some research and it is the Father who determines that. So, Farrell, you were right, she does take after me!!

Peace out bitches, hopefully next time I post there will be some pictures of Little Miss Whoozit.

Update: I almost forgot to mention, on Saturday I ate an entire box of Fruit Loops in just one episode of Ultimate Spiderman!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

How about a positive post?

I was, understandably, depressing in my last post. I will now follow up with something a bit more positive. While I have nothing noteworthy to contribute to the world today I feel the need contribute none the less. So,  I will ramble on about things.

Christmas - was nice and peaceful with the wife and Bender. We did not go home and just enjoyed ourselves and some frozen pizza. Yes, we ate frozen pizza instead of cooking. We blew our load on Thanksgiving. We also got a nice camera so I should be able to post fun pictures of randomness when I figure the damn thing out. Oh, and we bought ourselves an Airdyne to be able to do some inside exercise when we have the desire (plus the big ass seat doesn't make my balls and taint go numb, so...).

New Years - uneventful. We were in bed before 11pm.

The Wife & Her Pregnancy - chugging along. She is uncomfortable but the baby is doing well and I am sure will be here before we know it. The nursery is 95% done.

California - meh.

Work - pretty good for employment. Also, meh.

I think that covers all important life events of the past few weeks. I won't go into my training as I feel a bit like I am going through the motions and am not excited about it. I am in a bit of a holding pattern until the Daughter arrives and I can get an idea for how big a shit show my life will become.

Here is a happy picture of internetness: