Sunday, February 24, 2013

Finally something happened!!

That something is that my daughter was born on Wednesday the 13th of February at 10:14 am. She made her glorious entrance into the world, after putting Maggie through 64 hours of labor, via cesarean. Pictures you ask? No. The wife and I have decided that the Internet is too fucked up of a place to just throw pictures of our daughter up on this easily accessible blog for some slack jawed yokel to ogle (and who knows what else) at.

Things have been relatively good and we have been getting a good bit of sleep all things considered (and by we, I mean me). Little Miss is already up above birth weight and doing quite well. Maggie is getting better and I am sure will be back running up the San Diego Mountains in no time.

My lifts were meh this week. I hit everything (as I should) but it was all harder than I would have liked.

  • Monday - Snatch + OH Squat complex up to 85K x 2, Squat 180K 3x3
  • Tuesday - Aridyne x 20 min, Abs & Shit
  • Wednesday - Bench 140K 3x3, Squat 140K 6x4
  • Thursday - Airdyne x 20 min, Abs & Shit
  • Friday - Clean + FS up to 110K 2x2, Deads up to 230K x 1, 2, 2, 3, 1, 1
  • Saturday - Put together a grill and bought a ladder
  • Sunday - Spent ~1hr in the "yard" doing "yard work"

That is all that has happened. I will just add that I think I may be joining the world of the iPad user, despite my general disdain for apple products, so that I may face time with my wife and child when I am away. BALLS.

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